Many functionalities are available through contacts; some of them found on the table of "Contacts" and others from within the contact overview page. The two views are described below:

#1 Contact list

You may need to massively disable or delete contacts. For this you click "Contacts", directly from the main menu.

Archive contacts

To archive one or more contacts, you simply select the desired ones and click "Actions-> Archive selected"

Although they remain in Elorus, archived contacts are not available for invoicing or payments and do not participate in reports. *Also, they are not calculated in your subscription plan limit.

You may re-activate your contacts any-time, by hitting "Actions->Reactivate" from the list of archived contacts. You can navigate between the list of active/archived contacts from the two buttons on the top right (see image below)

Delete contacts

Similarly, you may permanently delete contacts, by navigating to 'Contacts' (list of active contacts) and selecting "Actions-> Delete selected".

To ensure data integrity, the system does not allow deletion of contacts that are already used in  invoices, bills or payments. If this the case for a contact, you may need to remove all related documents and transactions prior to deleting said contact. 

Please note that this action is irreversible.

#2 Contact Overview

To enter the contact overview page, all you need to do is go to "Contacts" and click on the contact you desire to review.

At the top of each contact's page, you can see its basic info and 4 action buttons.


By clicking on "Edit" the contact's fields "open" and you are able to add new information or change existing details, as shown in the image below:

Changes you make to a contact do not affect already existing invoices.

Contact Statement

  • Depending on the type of contact you choose, the corresponding button (Client statement or Supplier statement) appears on the contact's view page.
  • There are cases where a contact can be both a client and a supplier. In these cases, both options are available so you can see a sales transactions statement and a purchases one in order to have a clear image of corresponding balances.


By clicking on this button, you can attach documents from your computer pertinent to the contact so you can refer to them at any time. For more information, read the relevant article.

(...) More options

Clicking the (...) button will show the following options:

All users

  • Add transactions: You can use this to assign an amount to multiple client/supplier invoices, without having to visit each invoice separately. 
  • Archive Record: By clicking here, your contact will no longer be active. Alternatively, you can archive records by hitting “Actions” on the list of contacts.
  • History:  Here you can view the contact's history.
  • Invoice unbilled projects will become available in the menu, for clients with ongoing, billable projects. For instructions regarding the project invoicing process, visit the related article.


  • Restrict User Access: If your user is registered as "manager" in the organization, you have the option to prevent certain users from handling a contact. To get more detail on how to use the feature click here.

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