Inside every contact, there is the "Add transactions" option that allows you to submit receipts or payments massively for the outstanding sales and purchase documents. The procedure is the same whether it involves bulk invoice or purchase invoice payments.

In the following example we will record a payment from a client for multiple outstanding sales documents. From the main menu select "Contacts -> Select the desired -> Add transactions -> Invoice payments."

First, you enter the total amount of the receipt / payment, its date and the reason. If you received a payment in another currency than the default for the client , you can change it in the "GBP" field next to the "Amount". Τhe system will instantly inform you about the exchange rate on the specified date.

> If you have any tracking categories that apply to receipts / payments, then you can select them from the relevant field. This will automatically track each individual payment / receipt record that will be created once you save the finish payment process. For more information on Tracking categories, please visit the related article.

Below you are required to allocate this amount to outstanding invoices related to the contact. You can manually enter a number in each "amount" field or click on the "Pay-off" button and pay off the documents, provided that the receipt's amount is equal or greater than their total.

At the bottom of the table you can see the total amount of the invoices paid, the remaining amount, and the total amount of this particular payment. In case a remaining amount occurs, the system will automatically create a new advance payment for future use. This record can be found inside the Cash flow menu -> Cash receipts. You can use this advance payment to pay-off future invoices by using the "transaction correlation" function, per document.


Only issued, unpaid or partially paid invoices are shown in the above table. Invoices whose currency does not match the above are also excluded.

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