There are four different ways to create new contacts in Elorus: 

#1 Add a contact manually

> From the contacts menu

Complete all the necessary fields of the Add Contact form found inside the Contacts menu manually.

Type: Choose whether the contact is a client, a supplier or both.
In addition to the basic information (VAT, name, address, etc.), Elorus allows you to specify preferences related to that contact, such as:

  • The currency in which future documents will be created. If you have transactions in multiple currencies, see the related article here.
  • The language in the contact will receive notifications and email reminders.
  • The default template that will be automatically selected when invoicing the contact, which also defines the documents language. If no default template has been set, the organization's default template will be used.
  • And a default tax that will be automatically applied onto the documents when invoicing this contact.


Concerning contact addresses, you can choose between 3 types: Billing (HQs), Shipping (warehouse or other delivery address) and Other by clicking Add new address.

Specifically for billing/shipping types, if you enter the corresponding addresses, they will both appear automatically on your documents.

> The ability to automatically add additional addresses to your documents is not supported. If you enter more than one shipping address, only the 1st will be displayed on your documents.

Email addresses

To be able to email invoices and estimates to your customers through Elorus or give them access to the client portal, you need to enter a valid email address.

> From the document's edit page

In addition to contacts, you can create a contact through the add/edit page of:

  • Documents (purchase / sale)
  • Credit documents (purchase / sale)
  • Estimates
  • Receipts / Payments
  • ... and all of the contact selection fields across in the application.

By clicking Add new client / supplier a window will open similar to the "Add contact" manually form (see above) in which you can enter the contact information. 

By clicking Submit, the contact will be saved automatically in the Contacts menu and will be selected for the document at hand.

#2 Add from Tax ID (VIES)

Create a new contact based on the company’s VAT number. Elorus searches the company in the European Union’s online database (VIES system), checks the VAT number for validity and automatically creates the contact. You can create a contact from every nation - member of the European Union!

#3 Import from your Gmail account

Import your Google contacts in bulk. In case you own an Android Smartphone, you can sync your contacts with your Google account beforehand and load them in Elorus within a few “clicks”.

#4 Import your contacts from CSV or Excel files

Create new contacts by uploading Excel or CSV file. For more detailed instructions, click here.

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