The ability to send documents via email to your customers is active for all our subscription plans, including the free one. All you need is to confirm your email address upon registration. Once you confirm your email address, you can send your documents and estimates via the application.

Before you send your documents by e-mail to your customers make sure the following are true:

  • The document you have created is in an "Issued" state
  • The contact the invoice refers to has at least one e-mail address. 

Once the above are set, the "Email" button in the each document's display page is activated. When you click on it, you are transferred to a page similar to the picture below.

Recipient (To)

The system by default copies the contact's first email address saved as "Work". Clicking the arrow next to this field, you see a list of all the contact's email addresses to choose another one. You can also add a new email address from "the use new address" button. By checking the "Store the address on the contact for future use" box, Elorus will store the new address to the already existing contact.

Sender (Reply to)

By default, the sender's field displays the user's email address and you cannot alter it. To change it you should login to the application as another user.


You may use this field in case you'd like to share the document with a third person by entering an address manually. Alternatively, you can click in this field and a drop-down list will appear with all organization's users email addresses. This way you can notify your partners (eg your accounting department) that the document was sent via email to the contact. 


Here you can enter email addresses that will not be visible by the contact.

Subject and e-mail body

You can edit the email's subject and body wording for all your future documents through the document theme settings. You may also add additional information manually, per case. Each email contains a unique link (URL) for the document to be sent in order for your customers to have access to it and proceed with its payment, if applicable.Once the customer clicks on the document's link, Elorus will display a notification to your account that the customer has viewed the document you sent them. This information is then stored in the document's history.


You can add additional attachments (unlimited in number) to send, using the "Attachments" menu conveniently located in each document's display page.

Note: Each attachment cannot exceed the 3MB in size.

Email daily limits


Each subscription plan has its own daily limit as regards to the maximum number of emails you can send. Depending on your organization's plan, daily limits are as follows:

  • For the free plan the daily limit is10 emails
  • For Basic it is 30 
  • For Professional it is 100 
  • For Business it is 200

Each email can have up to 3 recipients, plus the number of the organization's users. For example, an organization with 2 users in total, can have 5 recipients per email. This limit applies to Cc and Bcc separately. So, in the previous example, you can enter 5 Cc recipients and another 5 Bcc.

In case you need higher limits, you may contact us to extend them.

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