Elorus can keep records of the invoices you send via email concerning the date, the recipient's details and their delivery status. The delivery status can vary, depending on the case:

  • Queued: message in line to be sent
  • Sent: the email service provider has sent the message, though it may or may not end up delivered
  • Delivered: the recipient has received the message)
  • Deferred: the message was delayed by in transit (e.g. because of a full mailbox, or certain spam-detection strategies etc). The ESP will keep trying to deliver the message.
  • Rejected: the ESP refused to send the message. Please try again.
  • Bounced: the message was rejected or blocked (e.g. the recipient mail address was invalid)

The email status of each document is visible from:

  • The list inside the "Manage sales invoices" menu, if you check the "latest email" box in the "Columns" button.

- From each document's page, below the creation details. by clicking on the (i) icon you can view further details regarding the last email's status.

- Through each document's "History" button, inside the "email history" tab. Also, if you clock on the "details" button you can see the exact email text that was sent, the recipients and whether it had any attachments.


You can see delivery information only for the main recipients and not the recipients of Cc & Bcc fields.

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