Elorus offers you the ability to selectively download multiple entries on your computer, through a simple process. You can download the sales and purchase documents, payments and receipts you have entered in the application in PDF format. Moreover, if these entries have attachments, you can download them as well, if you wish.

The bulk export of pdf and attachments action is available for the sales invoice management menu including sales credit notes, estimates and cash receipts. However, for the purchase invoices and the payments management menus you cannot download records in pdf but you can download their attachments. All these data will be gathered in a zip file, created by Elorus, which you can then download.

The first step is to select the records you want to save by checking the box to the left of each record.

Then, choose "Actions" and click on "Export pdf/attachments to zip file."

Elorus will display a window in which you are asked to choose if you want to save the documents in pdf, the attachments, or both, by clicking on the circle located above each paper clip icon.

If you proceed, Elorus will create a zip file with the data requested. The process may take some time. Once the file is ready, you will be notified via email containing a link that takes you to that file.

The link will have a format similar to this:


Clicking on the link will start the download process of the zip file, which you can now find on your computer's default folder for your downloads.


Export of PDFs and attachments is especially useful to your company's accountant who, if given access to your data, can download your revenue and expenses in bulk to keep them in your books.

For instructions on inviting the accountant to your Elorus organization, see the relevant article.

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