Voiding as a process remains the same for all documents (sales and purchase invoices). The difference between deleting and voiding is that, in the first case the document will no longer exist in your account, while in the second case the documents is still available but its number can not be used again.

In order to void a document, it should be in the Issued state, so if it's in the Paid or Partially paid state, you'll first need to delete the related payments associated with it.

Delete related receipts / payments

This can be done in two ways:

  • From the Cash flow menu (payments or receipts), select the entry you want to delete, and click Actions -> Delete Selected.
  • From the document's view page and the Related cash receipts/payments section. Click on the (X) next to Details and delete:

Voiding process

Since the document is now in an Issued state, you can proceed with the voidance. From its view page you must click on the (...) and then select Void.

When you click on the "Void" option a warning will be displayed, as shown in the image below:

Press "Yes, I'm sure" to proceed and Elorus will void the invoice immediately.

Notice that, after voiding the invoice, the "Edit", "Export PDF" and "Email" options are now inactive. Furthermore, the void action means that the void document's number cannot be used for another document of the same document type. Hence, the numbering will continue normally from the next number on.

Important: Void documents remain in the system for future reference, but are not involved in Elorus reports.

Attention: The serial number's reservation upon voidance is valid only for sales documents, but not for purchases. This means you can reissue a void purchase receipt using the same number, which is not possible for sales documents.

Deleting void documents

If you wish to delete a document that is void from the system, you'll first need to select Mark issued inside the (...) button and proceed to Edit -> Set back to Draft -> Delete, as described in the related article.

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