Through Elorus you are able at any time to save all your data for backup purposes. As you will notice in each sub-menu page below "Contacts", "Cashflow" and "Invoicing" there is an "Export" button. All records that you have created using the application related to contacts, purchases/sales and receipts/payments can be exported in Excel or csv file formats.

While exporting, make sure that the pop-up block setting is not activated on your browser, as it will prevent the file from being exported. 

Specifically, you'll see a red X icon on the left of your address bar during download, which you should click and allow for Elorus download.

Especially for Safari, you will need to go to the menu -> Preferences -> Security tab and disable the "Block pop-up windows" setting.

Once the export is completed, your data will be saved on your computer and can be found in the downloads default folder.

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