All settings concerning document layout (e.g. company logo, language etc) can be stored as a “Document theme”. The basic concept is that during the creation of a new document you can select its profile so that it can be reset according to settings you have determined on the theme. 

Document themes management 

To view and manage your document themes you have to visit the relevant page from the main menu Settings -> Document themes. You can create an unlimited number of themes.

Default theme 

Every new Elorus account has a theme – titled “Default”- which you can customize and use right away. Its only difference compared to the themes you create, is that it cannot be deleted.

Document theme settings

Default and live settings

The majority of a document themes settings are default and are copied on to it upon creation and then can be customized per document. Take for example a document’s language. Upon creating a new document, Elorus resets the language to the one determined by the theme. Following, you can change it through the document’s preview page. This change will affect this particular document and will not have any effect on the document theme you used.

In this way, every new document you create will have as default language the one set in the theme. Likewise, if you alter the theme’s default language, none of the already issued documents will be affected.

Every setting that is not customizable per document is called a live setting. An example of such settings is the company logo and activity. In case you alter a live setting, this change will affect all issued documents using that theme. Hence, if you change the logo in the initial theme; the new one will appear in every document published using that theme.

Elorus gives you the ability to change a document’s theme after creation. In this case, all live settings will still be visible on the document, except for the default ones. Therefore, by changing a document’s theme, the company’s logo and activity will remain the same, without altering its language or template.

Default document theme per contact

You can set a default theme for each contact, provided that you have already created more than one document theme. Inside every contact, choose the desired one from the drop-down list in the "Default document theme" field.

List of settings

The layout of a document. Elorus provides you with four templates to choose from.
This is a default setting. 

Every template has a collection of color variations. Choose the one that best suits your corporate identity.
This is a default setting. 

The language of the document.
This is a default setting. 

Font size
You can choose among small, medium or large font sizes.
This is a default setting.

Global information

Company info

This field originally contains your company information you provided in the "Company Settings". You can alter the information as you wish inside the theme, without affecting your settings. You may add your registration number or create several themes under different company info in case your firm has several fields of activity or branches, for example.
This is both a default and a live setting.

The logo will appear on every document.
This is a live setting. 

Your company’s activity or a slogan, just the way you want it to appear on the documents.
This is a live setting

Electronic signature
An image that displays the publisher’s signature and appears at the bottom of the document. For more information refer to the related article.
This is a live setting.

Additional information

Hide creator contact information
If you choose this information to appear upon the documents will state the name, email and contact number of the person who created the document.

If displayed, this information will be extracted from the user account settings that created the document (you or another user).
This is a default setting.

Hide client contact info
If you choose this information to appear upon the documents, the client’s contact person details (name, phone number, email) will be visible. Contents are determined through the document’s edit page.
This is a default setting. 

Hide payments
Hide both paid and outstanding amounts from the commercial document's printable version.
This is a default setting. 

Hide client due
Hide client's due amount from the commercial document's printable version.
This is a live setting.

Product/service table 

Hide description
Hide product / service description from the document.

Hide quantity column

Hide product code
Hide product / service code from the document.

Hide VAT column
Hide or show how the VAT percentage is calculated for each item of the document.
This is a default setting. 

Discount appearance
Hiding the discount column will take effect only if no items are on discount.

Measurement unit appearance
Specify if and how you wish the measurement unit column to appear on the document.

You can define notes for new, as well as existing, documents and estimates. Then, you can edit them through the editing page of each document.
These are default settings.

Your estimates can have default Terms/Notes as well:

Email messages
You can determine a 

 via e-mail to your clients, in all supported languages by Elorus. You can also incorporate useful information in these messages, such as the document’s permalink or the client’s outstanding amount if this is an invoice.
These are default settings. 

Default invoice/estimate email messages may also have translations. Just click the Translations button and type your text in the supported languages.

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