Elorus supports three different categories of document types: Debit documents, Credit documents and Estimates. For each one of these categories, you can determine different types of documents. For example, you may group your credit documents into Invoices and Credit notes.

To create or edit document types go to Settings -> Document types.

Each of the document types consists of the fields below:

Title: The title or its respective translation appears on the document’s printable form.

Applies to: Determines the category applied to each document type (Debit documents, Credit documents or Estimates)

Default: If activated, this particular type will be set as default every time you create a document.

At the same time, this will be the type of an automatically generated document. For example, if a “Sales Invoice” is set as default for credit documents, every time you convert an estimate into an official document, the latter will bear the title “Invoice”. There always have to be a unique default setting for every document category (one for debit documents, one for credit documents and one for estimates).

Note that in case a type is set as default you are not allowed to delete it until you determine another one as default.

When a new company registers to Elorus, the below document types are automatically created:

  • Invoice (Debit documents) 
  • Credit not (Credit documents) 
  • Estimate

Feel free to manage the document types above based on your needs, as well as, create new ones. For example, through estimates, you can create a new type called “Proforma invoice”. Now, you can take advantage of the estimates’ functionality and issue your proforma invoices with their own numbering and also, manually convert them into official invoices once paid.

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