In Elorus, a personal account can manage multiple organizations/companies. Therefore, you can log on to the application with a single username/password set and gain access to several companies’ finances. 

In the application’s menu, on top of each page, there is a popup menu including all the organizations you have access to, as shown in the picture below:

By clicking on each organization icon, you are transferred to the unique address it has in Elorus and you can start working on its data right away. In case you have several organizations you can filter them, searching by the company’s name.

Through the same menu, you can also register a new organization in Elorus. By clicking on the “Register a new organization” link found at the bottom of this popup menu, you are transferred to a new page, where you can see the form below:

After you submit the new company’s name, VAT number and its unique address in Elorus (all fields are required, except for organizations that are not headquartered in the European Union where VAT number is not mandatory) you can click “Create organization & choose plan”.

Then, you are transferred to a page where you can choose a subscription plan for the new organization. Once the process is completed, you can start managing the economic data of the company you just registered. Note that you can register a new company to our free plan - this is possible for every organization - since there is neither a limit on how many organizations you can manage, nor how many of them can be on a free plan.

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