At any given moment, you can start logging times (per project, per user etc.) from the “Time” menu.

Registering time entries can be done in two ways:

  • Automatically from the timer found at the top of your page
  • Manually, by clicking on Log time.

> Users with the role of time tracking manager can create time records for other users and view time records for all users. For more information, visit the related article.

Logging time from the timer (ongoing tasks)

If you or a team member work on a task/project but haven't finished yet, you can use the time entry bar found at the top of the page.

As soon as you click it, the system begins to recording your time and displays a bar from which you can either select a project, a task, or both, to which the time entry refers.

Clicking on X, the bar folds back at the top of the screen so it doesn't take up your screen's space.

Once you have finished working, you can tap the Stop icon and Elorus will create a new time entry that be found in the time entries list.

When you finish your task, you can press the Stop button and a time entry will be automatically.

Logging time manually

By clicking on Log time you can create a record with specific start date / time along with an end date / time

Upon creating the time entry, you can use the fields above as an indicator as of where the time has been spent. Adding it in a task will help you assess where your team spends more time, if the task is also part of a project you will have the opportunity to later bill (if the billable button is turned on, that is) and you can always add the team member who has spent the time you log in the system.

> Designating an end date here is mandatory, so if you want to keep track of an ongoing task/project you can use the timer bar at the top of the page.

You can also track time manually by using the Quick Add menu on the top-right of your Εlorus account.

Finally, you can manually log time through each project's preview page:

Time tracking integrations

Instead of visiting the Elorus website whenever you want to Start or Stop the timer, you can do so wherever you are on the web thanks to our extensions. For more information, you can visit the articles below:

With Elorus you can also track your time directly from third party applications, via integrations.

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