Regardless of the goals set, elorus offers tools you can utilize to monitor hours spent on a project, register associated expenses and directly produce invoices based on the work completed by yourself and your team, when it comes to services you have taken over for a client or business partner. 

When you have taken over a new project, you can directly add it in the "Projects" section of the system. Give access to the client, if this is the case, and they will be able to view the progress that is being made for the project directly in their client portal. In the image below you can have a sneak peak of the add project sheet in elorus.

You can take over the project on a specific, agreed price. However, you can also charge by hours spent, meaning that you can use the time tracking options to monitor the hours spent on a project. Organize your project in tasks and involve your team members (users). This way, you can further monitor work done, understand which one takes more time/effort and evaluate how your teammates have contributed. The moment you start working on the project the related statistics will appear inside a project view page (summary report).
Regardless of its billing status, task distribution and number of people involved in the project, you can include expenses and see what its additional costs have been. For projects worked on behalf of a customer, you can also bill an expense along with your work.

When you are ready, you can invoice your project directly from its page. Start by pressing the invoice project button-the system will trace all billable time entries and expenses. The only thing left to do, is choose your preferred way of presenting the data, deselecting the ones you are not ready to invoice. Your invoice will be created seamlessly.

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