A report on your business's progress can be created by selecting important information, used in tables or charts. This work is done for you by elorus's reporting tools. That way, you can keep track of your income along with your expenses and watch your progress. 

Every time you add a new invoice, a payment sent or received or expense, the related amount is included in reports.  Reports present most of the data, in individual or combined reports, some of them as simple tables you can download or visual aids with different levels of detail.

To view a full list of your available reports, click "Reports" on the main menu and select "All reports" . The following categories will appear:


Sales detail contains a full table of invoices and credit notes per date, so you can view the balance of each time interval you select.  
Sales per client
is a view based on clients, combining the different invoices and credit notes issued to each one of them.
Invoices summary and credit notes summary are two reports that visually present your data, this time separately.

Expenses and purchases

Expenses and purchases detail: Every entry you create in expenses and bills is included in this report.
Purchases by supplier is a view of your expenses and bills totals per supplier. Please note, that, expenses that have not been assigned to a supplier are not included in this report.
Expenses by category is a report that allows you to view your total spending in each one of your business's needs, regardless of which functionality (Expenses or Bills) you chose for each registration.
Bills by supplier is the one report to view, if you need to have an iddea on how much you have spent solely on your bills.
Supplier credits summary includes the amounts your suppliers have issued credit notes for to you.

Cash flow

Cash flow detail/summary consists of payments completed to you and from you are included in these reports, whether they have been associated with an invoice/bill or not (yet).
Payments received detail/summary contains all the amounts your clients have paid you, along with credit received from suppliers.
Payments sent detail/summary
contains all of the amounts you used to pay off your bills as long as the amounts of each expense entry.

Time Tracking

Projects detail contains projects you have created, along with the hours spent and amounts billed appear on the list.
Time entries detail gives you a full view of each time you or a team member has tracked time-and what project and/or task it corresponds to.


Revenue/Expenses detail and summary are two reports that consist of amounts gained within the time frame you select, along with the amounts spent in expenses and purchases of the same interval.
Tax report is a clever presentation of the amounts of tax you have received and will assist you calculating the tax you owe to your state.


Client/supplier balances are the two reports enable you to see what you are owed/owe by different clients/suppliers.
Products/services report allows you to view sale and purchase value of each one of your products or service.

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