Say, that, you wish to change some details on your project, such us name, description, even billing status. Or, a project you entered has ended before any work has been done. You can edit or delete project entries, as long as the prerequisites discussed below apply.

Archiving is also an option for projects completed, invoiced or abandoned, that will allow you to keep your data intact while they do not mix with ongoing projects on the same list. 

Read below how you can utilize each of these functions.

Note, that, this article informs on how you can manage project entries-to see how you can add working hours on a project, check Add time entries and Timesheet.

Edit projects

If you want to modify a project, you can do it from its view page and the Edit button.

Important note: The details can be changed to ongoing projects, however the Edit button is grayed out  if the project is already invoiced.

As you can see in the image above, all of the elements you have entered when adding a project, can be changed-even the information your client has access to in their portal or the billing method/rate you have been charging them.

Delete projects

From the list of projects select the desired one-or as many as you want, check the box, and then click Actions -> Delete Selected.

You can also delete a project from its view page if you click Edit. At the bottom of the editing page you will find the Delete button.

Archive projects

A project already invoiced-therefore not in progress may not be necessary to appear on your lists of projects- on the contrary, it would be more helpful if projects in progress appear separately from the ones you have finished.

Elorus provides with you with this option: to perform in bulk, select projects you have finished with and proceed with "Actions-> Archive selected"

To view projects you archived-even re active them, all you need to do is get to the list of archived, select the project of your choice and go on with Actions-> Activate selected. Navigate between the active/archived projects by clicking on the buttons (shown below).

If you wish to check on the details of a project, prior to deleting or activating, you may find it on the list and open it. From there, you may individually proceed with archiving/activating the record. In the example below, the project has been cancelled, however the client wishes to resume working on it.

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