You can use the 'Time' menu to create new time entries, as discussed in the add time entries article. Also, it is where you can find the Timesheet.

Among all of the options provided, the view of the "Lists" of time entries in central to this menu. Each week forms a "list" of time entries. The arrow points at the week presented. 

To navigate to a different week, click on the Previous weeks/next weeks arrows depending on whether you want to move to the bast or the future. "Recenter" if you wish to go back to the week you previously chose (button marked in the image below).

Otherwise, you can click on the calendar- choose a day and it will take you to the week it belongs to (Monday to Sunday).

The time entries are presented in a list per date and, secondarily, per task. Each line consists of the task, project it belongs to, duration and of course information on the 'billing' status of the entry (Grey-non billable, blue-billed, red-unbilled).

Please note, that, in order for a time entry to be billable a selection of a billable project is necessary.

Besides the information of already existing entries, you can always click one of the options on the right, so that you.

  1. Track time worked on the project and task of the existing entry, saving you from making the selection again for a "time recording" session. (Play Button). 

The project and task are pre-filled, and the "What are you working on" question comes in the Description field, in which you can type free text.

2. Add a description, change number of hours spent or start/end time, even select a assignee, task, even project for the existing time. Simply by clicking "Edit" (Pencil Button), you can change the related information, as shown below:

3.  Click the three dots, in order to mark an entry as unbilled. This will not affect the invoice already created-it will just enable you to re-use the time entry in a different invoice of the same project.

4. If an entry has been accidentally created, click on the red 'bin' to delete.
(permanent action)

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