Elorus supports the addition of up to 99 users per organization, who can enter the system with their own credentials. You can choose what their role will be within your organization. This will allow you to seamlessly share data with your staff or accountant, identify who performed an action and most importantly, allow your teammates to keep track of their time while you are getting detailed reporting on the progress made in projects

You can adjust your user limit from your subscription page "Settings-> Subscription". In order to manage your company’s users, select “Users & roles found inside the Settings menu.

The users’ management page is shown in the picture below and from there you can:

  • Invite new users to the company. 
  • Change each user’s role and the roles new users will assume when accepting invitations. 
  • Delete existing users and invitations.

Predefined and custom roles

There are three user roles created for you by the system:“managers”, “staff” and “partners” . Access of each predefined roles in elorus's menu cannot be modified (though you can change the role of each user in the system). 

  • Managers can perform any action, including organization management (manage users, subscription plan, company settings). There is (at least) one manager per organization at any given time, in order to access menus the rest of the personell cannot.
  • The staff does not have any access to user management and does not have the authority to add/remove users or alter the roles of existing ones. Also, staff users do not have access to subscription plans; therefore they cannot renew/alter current subscriptions or view payments history. In organization settings, the staff does not have the authority of altering company settings (e.g. contact details or selected themes) except for settings attached to their personal accounts (e.g. time zone, application language, personal contact details etc). 
  • Finally, partners can only view each account’s data since they are not allowed to process or create new records, manage users or organization settings.

However, Elorus allows you to further customize the access level of each user by adding a new role with the permissions of choice. This will allow you to restrict access to specific menus-even actions within those menus- for users. See the related article for instructions.

Add new users

To add a new user, you must click on the "Invite user" button inside the Settings -> Users & Roles menu.

There, you are asked to:

  •  Submit the user's email
  • Choose their role in your organization.

Also, you have the option to use 

  • "Restricted contact access" , in order to give the user permission to perform actions related to a limited number of clients. Here, you can activate the option and specify to which contacts they will have access to. See the article for more detail.
    In the window that opens, type the contacts you want them to have access to.
  • The hourly rate of the user (if applicable). This option is particularly useful for your team's time tracking and project handling through the application, as it will enable the system to automatically calculate the value of project invoices and your billable hours in general.

After pressing Invite, Elorus will send an e-mail, and if the invited user accepts, they will be added to the list along with all the existing users and gain access to your data.

Regardless of your subscription plan, you may send out unlimited invitations to prospect users. However, if you have already reached your user limit your invitations cannot be accepted unless you add an equal number of users through subscription page or remove/disable some users from the list.

Manage users (Edit/Delete)

The option to delete a user is available within "Settings-> Users and Roles". In order to proceed, click on the "Delete" button found on each user's row. The action will not affect the data already created by the user-they will just need to be assigned to a different one. 

If you want to change the role of a user or restrict their access to specific contacts, you can click on "Edit". The user details window will open again, giving you the options to: 

  • Change the role of the user within your organization: comes in handy when you need to increase or decrease level of access in elorus's menus. 
  • Activate/deactivate restricted contact access-or change the contacts available (image below)
  • Deactivate or re-activate deactivated user. This can be used when a user is possibly temporarily removed from your organization in elorus. (image below)
  • Change or add rate per hour. The rate will be available for your next project invoicing.


If your organization is downgraded to a free, some users may be disabled.

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