With Elorus, you have the ability to issue estimates to your clients, by following the same process with issuing invoices. It is worth mentioning, that while the adding process as well as the management options available are similar to the ones of the invoice, the estimate provides with special functionalities to accommodate your offerings toward clients. 

These functionalities are discussed below, so you can make the most of the "Estimates".


Key invoice functionalities such as marking an estimate as accepted, rejected or invoiced are described below. To see how you can email, archive, delete, edit estimates (and much more), read how to manage estimates. 

Accepting / Rejecting estimates

Inside every estimate's preview page, you have the option of changing its status depending on whether the customer has accepted or rejected it. 

From the (...) button, provided the estimated is in "issued" state, you can select "Mark as accepted" or "Mark as rejected".

Accepting/ rejecting an estimate through the client portal (client action needed)

Through the client portal and the permalink of each estimate, the customer has the option of rejecting or accepting it.

If they click on an estimate through the client portal or the link you sent them via email, they will see the following options at the top of their screen:

  • By clicking on "Accept", provided that the client agrees to the estimate, a window is displayed in which they can, optionally, leave a comment (for example, delivery in 15 days).

Once they click on "Accept", the status of the estimate will change to "Accepted" and you will receive an email reading "Customer [Name] has accepted Estimate # 2. The comment was: Delivery in 15 days"

Also, in the list of estimates, you will notice that the estimate's changed status is also visible.

Beyond that, you can invoice the estimate through your account and proceed with the sale as usual.

If the customer has changed their mind before accepting it, you can change the estimate's status to "Rejected" through its preview page. Select (...) and click on "Mark as rejected".

  • If the client rejects the estimate from the client portal its status changes to "Rejected" immediately, while at the same time you receive an email notification for this action along with the optional customer feedback. Create invoice within "...More" has been disabled.

And in this case, if the client changes their mind, you can change the status of the estimate to "Accepted". From its preview page, click on the (...) button and select "Mark as accepted".

Finally, if you wish to change the status to "Issued", you can click on "Mark as issued" through the (...) button.

Invoice your estimates

You can invoice estimates manually or automatically. The later means that the system invoices estimates that are marked as accepted by yourself or your client (through the client portal directly). Manual invoicing is available individually or in bulk.

Automate invoicing of accepted estimates

Inside Settings ->  Application settings you can choose whether a draft will be created automatically every time a client accepts an estimate online. If you wish so, choose "Yes" on the "Invoice accepted estimates" field.

Invoice estimates (individually)

When an estimate is "Issued" , this means that it is official and ready to be sent to your client. As soon as your client receives and accepts the estimate (whether they have indicated acceptance in client portal or simply replied positively to your email), you have the ability to convert it into an Invoice by the press of a button.

From the estimate's preview page, select "(...)-> Create Invoice" and Elorus will automatically create the related document, according to the default document type you have chosen for the sales documents (Invoice, Receipt etc). 

The sales document will be then found inside the "Invoices" page, in a draft state, so you can edit it or send it via email.

Finally, observe how "the estimate has been invoiced" appears as a link on the document issuing information. By pressing it, you are being transferred to the invoice's preview page, to save time.

Νote: You can easily create Shipping notes and Proforma invoices via the Estimates menu. Click here for instructions.

Bulk invoicing

From the list of Estimates you may select one or more of them to create an invoice, with one single action. Especially useful if estimates typically precede invoices in your business.

You can get all related information in this view: from the status column, we can see whether an estimate has been accepted or not (yet). If accepted, it can be one included in the bulk action, unless a related invoice is already present.

In the example above, we can see that three of the latest estimates have been accepted by your client. From these, two (#7 and #10) have yet to be invoiced. Therefore, they are selected before clicking "Actions-> Invoice selected".

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