Electronic signature 

The electronic signature is a digital image which displays your natural signature and/or your company stamp. The most common practice to create one is to scan your signature and/or your company’s stamp on a white paper. Then, you can upload the electronic signature in Elorus to be visible on your documents and estimates.

E-signature must not be confused with the digital signature (or advanced digital signature). The latter is used to identify the sender and the electronic invoicing contents, whereas the electronic is your natural signature’s representation in an electronic format.

How do I add my signature?

Through the desired document theme select “Edit”. In the “electronic signature” field you can upload your signature, with a maximum file size of 1MB. The file may have an image format (e.g. .jpg, .png etc).

The best signature resolution is 200 x 100 pixels. If the uploaded file has higher resolution, Elorus will scale the image in order to fit in the above dimensions.

Through each document/estimate page, you can optionally hide the electronic signature per case.

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