The application's interface is available in both Greek and English. You can change the application's language through the “User profile” page.

Regardless of the system’s language, you can issue documents and estimates in your customer’s native language, by choosing amongst 7 available languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Bulgarian

You can customize the language of your documents in three ways:

  1. Per customer: If you have foreign customers, you may pre-define the language in which the documents you want to be issued. From the main menu select "Contacts -> Select the contact -> Edit or Add -> Choose a default language from the list".
  2. Per document theme: You can create a document theme in any of the available languages by selecting "Settings -> Document themes -> Add or Edit -> Language".
  3. Per document: If you want to individually change the language of a document, you can do so by going to its display page. Click on the "More" tab and then choose a language from the list.

Company info translations

You mustn't forget to translate your company information (company name, address etc.), as well. The first way to do that is by editing your document theme. Below the fields of "Company Info", "Company" and "Slogan" there is "Translations" button where you can enter all this information in the desired languages. In this way, when you create a document in a foreign language, you'll see the translation of your information. By the same token, you can translate additional fields of your document theme (email message etc).

The second option is to create a new document theme that you only use for documents issued in a foreign language:

1. In the "Language" select the desired.

2. Enter your company's information in a foreign language.

3. If you wish, you can enter information on the "Terms/notes" and "Email messages" tabs in that language.

4. Choose this document them when adding documents from the "Document theme" field.

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