Application Settings let you set up various features related to how you invoice, the display of different parameters, and the supported integrations of Elorus with third-party applications (like Slack).

> You should setup the following preferences before you start using Elorus officially, for your convenience.

In order to edit your Application Settings, go to Settings -> Account settings -> Application settings.

Default value calculator mode

Set how Elorus calculates values in your Estimates, Invoices, Purchases & Recurring documents. This is a default value that you can override for each document. For more details, visit the related article here.

Numbering padding

Set up the total number of numerals in the document's number (e.g. "005" or "00005").

Auto-numbering of draft documents

If enabled, Elorus will always allocate a number when creating a new document. Disable this setting if you want your new documents to receive a number only after they're issued.

Force sequential numbering

If enabled, invoices & credit notes will only be issued if they follow a valid sequential numbering. See detailed instructions here.

Invoice accepted estimates

A new draft invoice will be automatically created every time an estimate gets accepted. For more information on accepting/rejecting estimates, see here.

Default display format

How you want your contacts to appear in the contacts page and in all contact / client / supplier selection boxes across the application.

Allow negative stock

If you disable this option, Elorus will prevent you from invoicing products that are out of stock. The setting applies only to products / services whose stock is being managed. For further instructions on stock management, visit the related article.

Address format

The format in which your company's and your contacts' addresses will be displayed. Predefined placeholders, space characters and ',', '.', '-', '|' are allowed.

Hourly rate

The rate of your billable hour. This is a default value, you may override your rate on a per-project basis. For more information on projects, visit the instructions here.

Slack integration

Install the Elorus4Slack application to receive Elorus notifications on Slack. For instructions, visit the related article.

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