The "Company information" field inside Document Themes can be useful in cases your company has multiple branches/activities that need to be managed separately regarding your documents' appearance. The same applies if this information has been altered for a number of reasons; for example, you moved your business to a new address. You can use this field to update your company info for the future documents while keeping the old address for the already existing ones.

Branches / Multiple company activities

You can create different document themes for each branch/activity and fill in the "company information" field with the relevant details. Then, you need to choose the preferable theme when creating a new document from the "document theme" field. Each theme can also have different electronic signatures and colour variations, as well.

Company info alteration

Either you changed your address, your VAT no or any other company detail, you can create a new document theme with the updated information. You need to make it a default theme for your invoices from now on, and deselect the "Default" option from the old theme, by editing it.

Last but not least, don't forget to update your "Company Settings", as well, so we can invoice you to the correct company details.

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