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  • 15 Nov 2022
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About Τime

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Each day you can afford a certain amount of hours to spend, during which the tasks you have taken over will need to be accomplished - at least partially. Monitoring your working hours becomes essential to your business organization.

It can help you identify areas of improvement regarding your productivity and consider potential solutions. The larger the number of team members involved, the more prevalent the need for effective monitoring. Knowing how your time is being spent by your team in tasks and projects could help you organize your work more effectively. Especially for the cases where you set rate per hour in the projects you are working on, it is essential not only to monitor those hours for internal purposes, but also for effective billing of your work. Below you can see how the hours spent appear inside a project view page.

Tracked hours chart

Elorus gives you plenty of options when it comes to time tracking: you can do it live within the application, log individual time entries, record time through your browser extension or even create your weekly timesheet for yourself and the team you manage.

Time tracking

In any case, tracking or logging time will create individual time entries that appear inside your "Time" menu in weekly Lists and Timesheet, enabling you to check on your progress made and if your access level allows it, proceed with additions or corrections. See a timesheet example below:


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