Accounting and more (reports)
  • 22 Nov 2022
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Accounting and more (reports)

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Choose between various, targeted reports Elorus has to offer. The data you entered are combined in the system for you in tax reports, sales and expenses, client/supplier balances, credits and much more.


Revenue/Expenses detail is a report that consists of amounts earned within the time frame you select, along with the amounts spent in expenses and purchases of the same interval.

Tax report is a clever presentation of the tax amounts you have received and will assist you with your tax calculations.


Client balances/supplier balances are the two reports that allow you to see what you owe each customer as well as to each supplier, along with any credit, refund or excess amount that has been registered.

Products/services report allows you to view sale and purchase value of each one of your products and services.

Check out the examples below and find out what the rest of the reports are under General and Accounting in the 'Reports-> All reports' menu.


  • How can I find out the taxes included in my sales and purchases for a given period of time?

Tax reports present you the VAT, retention or other taxes you have included in sales and purchases documents, registered in the system. Those are calculated and presented in the columns below (per tax):
tax result2

In the example below, the two types of information that appear are the "tax" and "taxable" amounts, from all the invoices issued in the selected period of time.


Note: The three different VAT percentages are - in this case - different countries-markets.


  • How can I find out which clients have balances or credit with me?

By opening the client balances report, you can see which clients owe you on invoices you have issued to them, as well as any potential credit.



  • How can I see which of my services has been the most successful?

The products/services report allows you to view sales made from each of your products, along with any potential purchase costs.

You can apply tracking categories and receive a more specified report, as in the example below:


As you can see, the total sales made in this group of services appear in the net sales total amount. The "More options" button will allow you to view more columns, depending on what the needs of your reporting are in any given time. See how you can further adjust your reports.

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