Add a Simple Tax
  • 24 Jun 2022
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Add a Simple Tax

Except for VAT/GST Taxes and withholding taxes, we enable our users to create custom taxes.
In contrast with the creation of the other tax types, simple taxes are subjected to further alterations.

To add a VAT tax, from the main menu you select “Settings” → “Taxes” → “Add, and then you fill out the next fields:

1. Title

The title is related to the name of this tax and affects how the tax will appear on invoices and other sections of the application.

In case you want to save a title in a foreign language, you should click the “Translations” button. Elorus will recognize the language of the document based on the template used, and it will generate automatically the right translation for the tax

2. Tax type

It determines whether this tax is a simple tax, a VAT/GST tax or a withholding tax.

In this case, if your tax is just a Simple tax, you select neither “VAT” nor “Withholding tax”.

3. Tax value as

In this field, you select whether your tax rate is a percentage or a fixed amount.

a) Tax percentage

In this field, you choose the sign of your tax, and you define the tax rate.

* Subjected to VAT

By clicking on this option, VAT will be applied on top of this tax, when invoicing

b) Tax amount

* Depends on quantity

By clicking on this option, the total tax rate is applied on the fixed amount of the product multiplied by the invoice line's quantity.

In the screenshot below, there is an example of a simple VAT, with percent value, which is subjected to VAT.


In the second example, a simple tax with a fixed value, which depends on the quantity of the product, is projected.


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