Add a VAT/GST tax
  • 24 Nov 2022
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Add a VAT/GST tax

A Value-added tax (VAT) is a consumption tax on goods and services that is levied on every item entry of the invoice where value is added.

After creating your Elorus organization, you will need to create the VAT taxes of your country that are associated with your activity.

In order to add a VAT tax, from the main menu you select “Settings” > “Taxes” > “Add , and then you fill out the next fields:


The title is related with the name of this tax and affects how the tax will appear on invoices and other sections of the application.

In case you want to save a title in a foreign language, you should click the “Translations” field. Elorus will recognize the language of the document based on the template used and it will generate automatically the right translation for the tax.

TAX type

This field determines whether this tax is a simple tax, a VAT tax or a withholding tax. In this case, you select “VAT”.

TAX percentage (%)

In this field, you set the percentage tax rate.

In the example below, this is the way that a VAT 20% can be added:

When every field is filled out, you press “Save” to save the tax in Elorus.

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