Edit & manage email templates
  • 30 Mar 2023
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Edit & manage email templates

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In addition to creating an email template, you can also edit it.

To edit an email template you will go to the menu Settings -> Email Templates, select the record you want to modify and click on Edit.

Edit email templates

When editing an email template you have the option to enable or disable the default one depending on the contact's communication language, as well as change the language.

You can also make changes to the subject or the text of the message by adding or removing words and variables.
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View and Manage email templates

On the Email Templates view page you can see all the templates you've created so far categorized by their type. You can also see which template has been selected as default as well as the default templates based on the contact's communication language.
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Delete Email Template

In case you no longer need an email template, you can delete it by clicking Edit and then Delete at the bottom of the page.
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Bulk Email Template Deletion

In case you want to mass delete some of your email templates from the display page, you can select them and click on Actions -> Delete Selected.
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