How can I import my products/services in bulk?
  • 18 Nov 2022
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How can I import my products/services in bulk?

Besides creating your products/services manually in Elorus, you can also upload them massively via Excel or CSV files. This function might be useful in case you are transferring data from another invoicing platform: it is very likely that you can export your products database from there, at least in one of those file formats.

Once you have your products database in excel or CSV, the process is very simple - from the main menu choose "Items -> Bulk import".


Clicking on the "bulk import" button you are required to choose the file format to be imported. Then, the system will provide you with further instructions about the import procedure, as shown in the image below.


You can even download a sample excel file in order to appropriately arrange your file's columns before your first attempt. However, Elorus will try to parse and import the file regardless of that. Since the file to be uploaded is available on your computer, you can press the "Upload file" button and the bulk import will be completed successfully.


Keep in mind that each file you upload must be up to 3MB in size and must not contain more than 1.000 records per document.

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