Numbering sequences
  • 03 Apr 2023
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Numbering sequences

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Numbering sequences will make managing your business a lot easier; they are useful in cases of invoicing different activities or countries.

Create a Numbering sequence

Create a Numbering sequence from the Document Types menu

You can create a new numbering sequence from the Settings -> Document Types menu by selecting the document type you want to associate with it and then typing its name, as shown in the image.
add from document

As long as there is at least one numbering sequence you will have the option to choose one as a default, to edit or delete it by pressing the pencil or the red bucket respectively as shown here.
edit delete numb

Creating a Numbering Series while invoicing

Elorus allows you to create a new numbering sequence when editing or creating an invoice by clicking on the manage sequence option.

Clicking on this option will show you all the available numbering sequences associated with that document type and allow you to edit, delete or create new ones.
manage sequences

  • Each numbering sequence can only be associated with one document type.

  • Regardless of the amount of numbering sequences associated with a document type, each row retains its own unique numbering.

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