Manage Products/Services
  • 08 Nov 2023
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Manage Products/Services

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Editing Products/Services

Navigate to the Items menu, open the product/service and then hit Edit. When you're done editing just click Save and your product/service page will be updated.


All changes made to each Product/Service will only apply to future documents; documents already issued retain the previous data.

Bulk Assignment

In Elorus you can bulk assign certain information related to your products/services, such as Sale Taxes and Purchase Taxes. From the Items menu you can select the products/services you want to edit and hit Actions.

Bulk assign sale and purchase taxes

Bulk assign sale taxes

You can apply sale taxes in bulk to the products/services; this way when invoicing a certain product/service Elorus will automatically assign the selected taxes to the item line. Also, you can remove sale taxes by clicking Clear sale taxes in the pop-up window.

Sales Taxes

Bulk assign purchase taxes

The functionality is similar to that of the Bulk assign sale taxes, but it relates to Products/Services you buy from your suppliers. So, when adding a Bill Elorus will automatically assign the selected taxes to the item line.

Purchase taxes

Delete a single product/service

In case you want to delete a product/service from your organization you will need to go to the Items menu, open the product/service and then Edit; at the bottom of the page click the Delete button.

Delete a single product-service

Confirming this action the record will be permanently deleted.

Bulk Deletion of Products/Services

In case you want to mass delete some products/services from the Items menu, you can select the unwanted products and then hit Actions > Delete Selected.

Mass deletion of products-services

Archive Products/Services

If you want a Product/Service to no longer appear as an option when adding new documents but not to be permanently deleted, you can simply archive it. This can be done from the Products/Services list page or within each ones overview page.

Archive a single Product/Service

Navigate to the Items menu and open the desired product/service from the Products/Services list page. At the top right of its overview page click ... > Archive record.

Products-services-Archive record

Archive selected Products/Services

From the Products/Services list page select the products or services you'd like to archive and click Actions > Archive selected. The command can be used to archive multiple records at once.

Archive selected products-services

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