In case your company has branches or multiple activities (eg wholesale & retail), you can issue documents displaying different addresses and industries without having to create separate organizations. The same applies for changes in company info, address etc, without affecting previous invoices.

Branches / multiple activities

By creating separate templates, you will be able to have different Company Information for each branch or activity appearing on your invoices. 

For example, you can have a template containing your HQ's address and another one for the branch and use them on a case by case basis. 

> In the case of multiple activities, you can have separate templates for each one without changing the rest of the fields, if necessary.

This way, when adding a new sales document, you can select the desired template from the relevant field. 

> Make sure you create templates with indicative titles so you can tell them apart easily.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the case of a branch, you may need to keep separate numbering for documents issued by the branch from those you issue from the HQ. For that purpose, you can create separate a document series for the branch according to the instructions found here.

Changes in company information

In case of changes in address, VAT number or any other information, you will need to create a new template with the updated info and set it as "Default" from the relevant field. 

This way, the documents you have issued up to the change will not be affected and the new ones will display the new information.

Finally, you will also need to change the information on the "Settings-> Organization" page so we can have your correct billing information for our services.

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