You can create full backups for each of your record types from a dedicated tab on the "Application settings". These are the categories of records you may download to your computer:

  • Sales (Invoices, Credit notes, Estimates)

  • Purchases  (Bills, Supplier credits)

  • Payments (Received, Sent, Incoming/Outgoing checks

  • Time tracking (Projects, Tasks, Time entries)

  • Settings (Taxes, Document types, Numbering sequences)

  • General (Contacts, Products/Services)

Let's say, that, you wish to download a full record of your inventory.

From the "Settings-> Application Settings" menu you select "Backup" .T his will take you to the "list of records" table. You can locate the "Products/Services" option under the"General" category.

By clicking "Backup products/services" a csv file containing a full record of your inventory items will be downloaded on your device.

You can see more regarding downloading in elorus here .

Tip: If you are trying to use the file in excel, make sure that your encoding is set as Unicode-8

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