The word 'contact' can be used to describe an individual whom you can reach- you have all the information you need for that, such us email, telephone, physical address. In your business, your contacts of interest are your clients and suppliers, whether they are individuals or other businesses.

As a functionality within the app, "Contacts" allows you to add new contacts, import them through files or using integrations (as shown below). When a contact is saved, it becomes available any time you try to issue a document, such as an invoice. When you select a client, the details that you need will automatically appear through the contact you have created. 

In Elorus, every invoice, estimate, bill or credit note, as well as the related payments is connected to a particular contact saved in the application. Contacts work as connecting dots between transactions: a client payment, for example, can be used to pay off an invoice issued to that client. A project that is being worked on on behalf of a client can be automatically invoiced to them et c.

The actions discussed above are depicted in client/supplier balances, like the one above. These statements allow you to keep track of the amounts you owe/are owed. Other accompanying reports, such us sale per client are available-all you need to do is create related records in Elorus.

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