Invoicing is central to your business's finances, and so is it's presence in Elorus. Being interested in the system is a hint that you are in fact, working with clients. You charge those clients for your products or services. You then need to provide them with a document recording the agreement on which you provided those services or products: in other words, you need to issue an invoice.

The action is available in various locations in Elorus. You can choose which one suits your needs, at any given time. If you have already issued an estimate to your client, for example, you can create an invoice through it directly. Similarly, you can invoice a project in just two clicks (see image below). Or, you can simply 'add an invoice' through the  "Invoices" function itself as well as automate (recurring) invoices. 

The contacts, items and settings available allow you to effortlessly issue your invoices: Client details, service prices and taxes can be registered and filled in with one click.

After you complete the issuing part, you can utilize the different functionalities available to send invoices directly to your clients, create notifications or even download in bulk. Issued invoices are a major element to key reports, allowing you to monitor the sales made in the interval you wish to examine. Don't forget, that with each sales document you issue, related client statement is updated automatically, allowing you to know exactly how much you will need to be paid.

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