When you have files attached to your expenses or bills, Elorus allows you to download said attachments in bulk. 

*The feature is available for Expenses Bills, Payments sent, and Supplier credit (notes). In invoices, Estimates, Payments received and Credit notes (sales) you can download both attachments and the actual pdf files of the documents you issue.

The data will be gathered in a zip file, created by Elorus, which you can then download from your email.

The first step is to select the records you want to save by checking the box to the left of each record.

Then, choose "Actions" and click on "Export attachments to zip file."

Elorus will display a confirmation window. To proceed, click 'Export'.

Shortly after, Elorus will create a zip file with the data requested. The process may take some time. Once the file is ready, you will be notified via email containing a link that takes you to that file.

The link will have a format similar to this:


Clicking on the link to start the download process: you will find the zip file on your computer's default folder for your downloads.

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