A bill is regarded as an invoice to be paid. When such an entry is registered in Elorus, it  contains the information explained below.

Draft warning

When a bill is saved as draft, a warning will appear on the top of the entry, similar to the one below:

A draft entry is considered work in progress: it does not appear in reports and cannot have any payment attached until it is issued. Click the related button to proceed-or edit to make changes prior to issuing.

Receipt/Invoice attached (image)

It is helpful that you upload the related receipt or the invoice you have received while you are adding a bill: the receipt will be found on the right side of the bill registration during the adding process and remain after saving your entry. By clicking download you may receive the file in your device. 

Management tools

As you can see in the image below, you will find the "Edit" button on the top right of your bill (above the image of your uploaded invoice/receipt). You can use it to proceed with modifying the details or delete the entry. Please note, that, if there are any payments sent associated, they will need to be deleted or removed.

The file attachment button enables you to upload related files (that won't appear as images). The "..." (more) menu gives you access to the history of activity in relation with the entry, as well as the options to create "Recurring supplier credit" or "Recurring Bill", as well as "Void" the document and view history.

Supplier, Date, Reference

On the top of the bill you have the clickable name of your supplier: you can use it to quickly navigate to your contact. The date of issue appears with bold black letters- due date follows (if there is one). The same applies to the reference number of the bill.

Item line detail

In the center of the bill entry you will find the item lines. Those lines contain all of the information you entered -and enabled such as unit value and discount, quantity and total net value.

Amounts (totals)

On the bottom of your registration you will find a breakdown of amounts spent in net amount, VAT (if there is one) and total amount registered. The net, vat and total are a sum of the amounts entered in the item lines, if more then one.

The final part of the bill registration shows:

  • The 'new payment' button if the Bill is Unpaid (Statuses: Issued, overdue) and the amount due.

  • Related payments sent, associated with the bill, if Paid.

  • Related payments sent, the 'new payment' button and amount due if the invoice is Partially Paid.

You will find more detail on the "Bill payment" article.

Tracking categories

Click the "Edit" button of the box below to add a tracking category on the bill. Should there have been any tracking categories applied on the entry, they will appear, as well. Remember that, tracking categories are available as filters in your list of bills and most importantly, they can help you set your reports.

Private notes and bill properties

An ample of space for you to enter all the information you wish your team can view-but no one else. It can be related to the bill, your supplier and any particular agreement that was made between the two parties.

Finally, you can view the dates you created and modified the entry, as well as the users involved.  

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