You can use the estimates functionality in order to provide your client with a sales quote, services offer or simply confirm a forthcoming purchase so you can proceed with invoicing.

This way, you avoid issuing and cancelling invoices while you will be able to keep past offers as historical data.

Find out the suggested steps below:
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  1. From the main menu, select "Estimates" and click "+Add". Proceed by selecting your client, products/services and the rest of the details of the estimates.

  2. Forward the document via email to your client or invite them so they can mark it as accepted through elorus's client portal.

  3. Invoice the estimate-or click on Invoices (main menu) to review the automatically created entry, in case you have automated the process in settings.

Tip! Once you are done with processing an estimate (with either your client acceptance-invoice issue or rejection), you can archive the estimate and keep your list neat.

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