You can review your business information by selecting "Settings-> Organization". You can also modify your company information at any time (VAT no, address, brand name, URL, etc.).

> The information you insert in the organization settings is important to us, as any information used in the invoices issued to you is copied from here.

> The information you enter here is automatically copied onto your Default template (if you haven't configured it before you set up company information here), but you can edit it at any time to define what will appear in your documents.

Below you will find your organization's URL, which is your organization's unique domain in our system. Through this, you can sign in to the application and you can also modify it at any time (as long as the new URL is not already taken).

From the Account picture you can upload your company logo, which will be used in various parts inside the application.

This logo will not be used on your sales documents and estimates. You can setup your document logo through your template.

In the Company field, you select an indicative industry and if you like to put something more specific to be displayed on your documents, you can change it from the templates. 

In the Currency field, you select the base currency of your organization in which foreign currency transactions will be translated. For more information on multiple currencies, see here.

Finally, the Initial Capital is an amount that will be added directly to your Cash Flow and will be taken into account in your cash flow reports.

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